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Blog_007: Meet the staff!

Preparing for take-off!

With the launch date of StarviewTour054 coming closer and closer, we thought everyone might like to get better acquainted with our cruise crew and the legendary Infinity Cruiser !

A first class adventure is only as special as the first class personnel and space cruiser that takes you to your first class destination!

And once again, SpaceCare Biotechnology does not disappoint!

Filled with incredible upscale dining, critically acclaimed entertainment, and some of the most revolutionary suites in the galaxy, the Infinity Cruiser serves up endless ways to elevate every aspect of any intergalactic getaway!

With approximately 400 trips under its belt to-and-from Soteria, it is safe to say our passengers are in safe hands!

But who could steer such a titan of the cosmos?

Veteran galactic pilots Buck Riley and Edward Hawk take charge in commandeering the ship.

Before joining the SpaceCare Biotechnology family, Buck flew for the Asteroid Maintenance Sector, and "Quiet Ol' Ed" used to be a fighter pilot for the Interplanetary Justice Department !

So between them... I think they can handle a cruise to Soteria!

However, if you should still feel a voyage that involves crossing multiple galaxies sounds risky...

Rest assured that all SpaceCare Cruises are conducted under the supervision of the esteemed Interplanetary Justice Department, whose sole purpose is, and I quote, to:

"Maintain universal safety and protection for all terrestrial and extra-terrestrial beings."

What more can be said? Nothing can go wrong!

The launch will take place Sunday January 23, where our guests will be departing from SpaceCare Biotechnology's Earth headquarters ( destination undisclosed ).

The trip takes approximately a month - depending on space conditions - before our travellers safely arrive at the Starview Terminal on planet Soteria.

Subscribe and stay tuned for more coverage leading up to the trip!

Until then you can read more about the Infinity Cruiser and Starview Tours in the SpaceCare Biotechnology brochure !


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