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Blog_059: Anoint found!

Interplanetary Justice Department agent however still missing.

After 3 weeks since their escape from the Starview Terminal explosion, and 4 months since the initial Starview Terminal terrorist occupation! We are happy to announce that a Halcion search team have safely located the techno trio Anoint in the outskirts of the Ochii region!

The trio are obviously suffering from severe shock after not just enduring the horrific events of STARVIEWTOUR054, but also having to survive in the dangerous lands of planet Soteria without food or water!

We are however happy to report that medics on the crew have reported that they will survive!

They were actually in good enough condition, that the medical crew got the survivors to throw a cheeky surprise concert for the rest of the Halcion rescue team!

Reports state that the entire terminal went from gloom and despair, to an outburst of joy! Celebrating the overcoming of obstacles and the beauty in life!

Exactly what STARVIEWTOUR054 is really about!

Once again, it is proven that no one can stop SpaceCare Biotechnology from fulfilling their mission on planet Soteria!

Maybe there's a lesson here, sometimes we need to experience darkness to appreciate the light?

And with that, we are beyond thrilled to be able to conclude the first live broadcast of a SpaceCare Premium Investor's Trip with a banger of a happy ending!

Join us in our next post, as we reveal what exciting plans we have in store for you next - here at the SpaceCare Biotechnology Blog !

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