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Blog_058: New beginnings

Halcion Rescue Team slowly overcoming the worst of Starview Terminal disaster mission.

Current scene at the Starview Laboratory Area.

Reports have come in that the Halcion rescue team have now successfully stopped the most dangerous of the wildfires caused by the recent missile explosion.

The team are currently in the midst of the next phase of their mission:

  • assessing how bad the damage the station has taken has been,

  • and what reconstructive steps are needed for the station to become functional for SpaceCare Biotechnology’s work again.

No official assessments have been submitted yet, but rumours say that reestablishing the station will be an extremely large effort, requiring a significant amount of years.

Reconstruction commencing at the Botanical Gardens.

Although we are obviously glad that the terrorists were eradicated - what an absolutely devastating affair this has all been!

To lose all those years of research and scientific breakthroughs, is not just a catastrophic loss for the rehabilitation of planet Soteria, but a significant step backwards for human knowledge!

So even though the terrorists may have lost the battle, they did achieve a significant blow against universal peace and civility!

The Starview Control Center - which took the direct missile impact.

Despite evidence revealing that Anoint and the agent did survive the recent explosions - we have still not received any news concerning their whereabouts.

In a positive spin, this also means there are no news of their bodies having been found either.

Otherwise there is not much else to report, as it seems the misfortunate events of STARVIEWTOUR054 may finally be drawing to a close.

We will obviously keep you updated as significant developments surface.

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