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Blog_060: Thanks for following!

Live Blog put on indefinite hiatus as HalcionTour072 preparations commence!

It has been such a privilege for us to present to you the fascinating events that take place on a SpaceCare Biotechnology Premium Investor's trip! We sincerely want to thank everyone who followed our live coverage of STARVIEWTOUR054 !

What a ride!

We are excited to announce that preparations for HalcionTour072 have already started!

We have not received any information on whether this premium investor's voyage will also be aired live...

But we can reveal that there are numerous new SpaceCare Biotechnology work positions available!

Including the coveted role of hosting band/entertainment!

Sign up today!

Planet Soteria needs your support more than ever now!

Not only so SpaceCare Biotechnology can continue their crucial restoration work, but also so we can reestablish the Starview Terminal as soon as possible!

So if you believe that all life in the universe matters, this is your chance to become a premium investor!

Not only will you be contributing towards revitalising an entire planet!

You will also get the chance to experience the incredible adventure and luxury that can only be found on a SpaceCare Biotechnology Premium Investor's trip!

Interested? Read more in our SpaceCare Biotechnology Brochure!

So that's all from us at the SpaceCare Biotechnology Blog !

Take care of yourselves, those around you, and don't forget...

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