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Blog_008: Incoming adventurers!

Has everyone gone STARVIEW TOUR 054 crazy !?

We're sorry if it seems impossible to ignore the launch of the latest SpaceCare Cruise to planet Soteria. Especially now with the sudden influx of celebrities, influencers, and general top-tier humans showing off their STARVIEW TOUR 054 preparations!!!

In case you somehow missed them, we thought we’d share some of our favourites !

How do you pack for an intergalactic holiday?! Although daunting, beauty mega-influencer Charlyn Daphne powers her way through with a smile and a thumbs up!

How could we resist sharing Francois Puessault's inclusion of the SpaceCare Cruise brochure in his luggage! Guess it's that sort of preparation that builds tech empires?

We also caught some shots of early arrivers at SpaceCare Biotechnology's Earth Headquarters (destination undisclosed) :

Amazing selfie taken by newly-wed and "I'm a Superstar!" winner Nina Engelberg.

Here with Jonas Eisdorph and hubby Jack Humbert of Volfloxiolt Pharmaceuticals.

What could be more romantic than a honeymoon in Soteria!?

Loving the energy the Clairemont dynasty are bringing to the trip!

And we round things off with Silas LaGrande's photo of his Golden Ticket.

Crazy that in the end... all it takes is a piece of paper!

Don’t forget that these people are contributing towards the restoration of planet Soteria! So brave. So amazing.

To think in just 4 days, they will be leaving Earth and their loved ones... for non-stop fun and luxury! I think they’ll survive ;)

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