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Blog_009: All aboard!

The final countdown has begun!

Boarding of the Infinity Cruiser has started!

Music provided by the hosting band Anoint.

The first guests are already getting settled in their private cabins, excited for the life-affirming experience they know STARVIEWTOUR054 is about to deliver!

Techno trio Anoint, STARVIEWTOUR054 hosting band, were the first to board this morning.

Shortly followed by our excited premium investors!

Finally inside!

Home sweet home! Next stop: planet Soteria !

The final guests should be boarding as we speak - there are a few stragglers, probably enjoying some last-minute exquisite delicacies served at SpaceCare’s Michelin-starred café.

Come on guys! The real party is on the spaceship!

Mission control centre making sure that everything goes smoothly!

There have been some concerns of a possible delay due to weather complications.

Captain Riley has, however, stated that Commander Hawk does not see any reason for postponement, and therefore, the departure will take place as scheduled.

So all that is left to be said is...

... see you tomorrow!

Make sure to tell your friends - they'll never forgive you if they miss out!


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