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Blog_018: The Investor's Ball!

The most glamorous party in the universe! Truthfully.

We are truly blessed that SpaceCare Biotechnology and the premium investors have decided to share this monumental evening with us!

This party is not just held to acknowledge the tremendous amount of support our investors have donated towards saving planet Soteria. It is also to celebrate the end of the first leg of the STARVIEWTOUR054, as the spaceship closes in on planet Soteria, arriving at the Starview Terminal this Saturday.

Actress Katrina Duvass stunning the crowd on the Hangar 18 red carpet stairway.

Donald Luuk, Noah Eggelvart, and their lucky staff members that were invited to join them on STARVIEWTOUR054!

Have you ever seen a room with so many brilliant people?

Who's taking care of Earth?!

And what a voyage it has been! This is, however, no time to be looking back - the actual climax of the tour is still coming up: planet Soteria! More adventure! More fun! More glamour!

So until then, we'll leave you with this video of Anoint closing out the night:

Catch you on Saturday for the landing at planet Soteria!

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