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Blog_019: Good morning Soteria!

The Infinity Cruiser not met with the warmest of welcomes!

The spaceship actually arrived to a raging hurricane spreading across the entirety of the Ochii region! Our pilots had no choice but to go straight through it!

But with Commander Hawk and Captain Buck at the wheel, was there really any doubt?

(Luckily, our guests had a few days to shake off the worst of their hangovers from Wednesday's Investor's Ball!)

Another day at the office for mission control.

The first chapter of STARVIEWTOUR054 has now come to a spectacular close, and what an amazing treat SpaceCare Biotechnology has given us with insight to the adventures found aboard the Infinity Cruiser!

Join us next time as we go into the next chapter of STARVIEWTOUR054: exploring the Starview Terminal on planet Soteria!

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