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Blog_023: Lab visit #1

First official guided tour of the Starview Research Facilities!

Multiple visits of the SpaceCare laboratories are arranged throughout STARVIEWTOUR054, offering the investors a first-hand experience of the amazing feats the scientists are undertaking!

For this first tour, a trip was planned through the Livingstone Laboratories.

Tour buses delivered the eager guests to an excited science staff!

The tour started in the Starview Botanical Gardens, a true marvel of biodiversity and conservation science! The sprawling site contains incredible forms of local and interplanetary flora, ranging from domesticated to critically endangered status. All cultivated since SpaceCare Biotechnology's habitation of Soteria.

From here, our guests then moved through the halls towards the Livingstone Laboratories, which further showcase the work that the Starview Terminal scientists have been painstakingly developing through the years.

Among the many sights in the halls, the guests were presented the Scirkalda: the last surviving native flower of the Ochii region. Scientists hope to one day repopulate Soteria with their beautiful blossom.

The Livingstone Laboratories.

The Livingstone Laboratories predominantly focus on studying and diagnosing Soteria's environmental degradation, as well as pioneering modern planet restoration technologies. This work considers agricultural, wildlife, and terraforming perspectives.

Renowned scientist Dr. Carole Gee giving the visitors an exhilarating presentation of SpaceCare Biotechnology's future prospects.

Needless to say, the investors were thrilled to have been given access to such amazing facilities. These scientists are rebuilding a planet from the ground up!

Join us next time and see what SpaceCare has in store for our visitors!

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