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Blog_024: Intruders at the resort!

Commotion in the yard this morning!

The reason for this was because today was the departure of the first Starview Safari Tour!

A spectacular journey taking our investors into the deep dark mysteries that lurk in planet Soteria's magnificent lands!

Who can lead such an expedition?

This cheeky bugger!

None other than famous tv explorer Doctor Hunter Daniels!

After fighting and conquering all that Earth had to offer, Hunter decided to partner with SpaceCare Biotechnology to see if Soteria had anything more dangerous to offer!

A Starview Safari Tour lasts two weeks, where our investors will travel and explore the Ochii region, test their skills against its wild terrains, while glamping under the Nebulion stars!

No doubt amazing sights and stories await on our brave travellers' return!

Stay tuned and subscribe!


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