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Blog_026: Man down!

First SpaceCare Soteria Safari Tour cut short...

Reports show that everything was going well on the trip, even though our adventurers still had not been able to find any of the planet's wildlife.

The visitors had seen some amazing sights!

However, as they were getting ready to leave for the Buurkrot canyons, an unexpected visitor was about to drop-in on Frederick Clairemont...

Although everyone was a little rattled, expedition leader Doctor Hunter Daniels had the situation under control and was quick to neutralize the fiesty Xaunnal!

Due to this little surprise, the rest of the safari trip has had to be cancelled, as Frederick needs to be returned to the Starview laboratories for testing.

But don't feel too sorry for the media mogul just yet!

Hunter has stated that this is the first time a live Xaunnal has been captured - meaning this event has actually been a major breakthrough in SpaceCare Biotechnology's research!

Furthermore, Hunter has named the Xaunnal; Mr. Clairemont!

Immortalised in the journals of science history? Just another day for a SpaceCare Biotechnology premium investor on planet Soteria!

Stay tuned, subscribe, and be there for the next historic milestone STARVIEWTOUR054 has in store for science!


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