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Blog_034: Crisis report #2

Havoc rages on at STARVIEWTOUR054!

We are sad to report that the situation at the Starview Terminal has still not been contained.

In actuality, the terrorists are currently moving towards taking control of both the premium investors resort and the laboratory areas.

Resort and Laboratory area overview.

Since our last update, the terrorists have managed to enter, and are making their way up, the Starview Vertical Farm:

They are however being met by resistance from the building security, who are doing all they can to prevent them from gaining access to the Control Center. As the Control Center is linked and controls the entire station, it is critical that the terrorists do not secure command of the premise.

It has also been established that the assailants have taken control of the areas outside the Livingstone Laboratories - so we predict that it is only a matter of time before it is also under their control.

The halls outside the Livingstone Laboratory.

Although the laboratory area invasion seems to have been conducted in a somewhat orderly fashion - the same cannot be said about the brutal attacks witnessed at the investors' premium resort:

At this moment, it seems reasonable to establish that the entire tourist area is now under terrorist control.

Finally, security footage shows that the battle outside the SuperSeeder is still ongoing, current standings is however difficult to assess.

Although we had hoped for better news, we here at choose to believe that good always prevails!

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