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Blog_035: Crisis report #3

Nine days of violence comes to a tragic conclusion.

We regrettably report - that after more than a week of fighting - that a STARVIEWTOUR054 victory from within the terminal is now seeming unlikely.

Most significantly, intel shows that not only have the terrorists made their way to the top of the Starview Vertical Farm...

... but that they have also entered and overtaken the Starview Terminal Control Center.

Hostage taking of the Vertical Farm Control Room.

This feat initially grants them full control of the entire Starview Terminal.

Let us hope that they are not aware of the significance of this win.

We also received information of the Livingstone Laboratories being secured by the terrorists earlier this morning:

Livingstone Laboratories.

If further proof was needed of the terrorists' barbaric nature; although the premium investor's resort was as good as secured several days ago, recent images reveal that the assailants continue to wreak havoc on the guests.

There is however one last ongoing battle, the station's last hope, which is currently being fought between the security guards and terrorists at the gates of the SuperSeeder.

Due to the angle of the security camera, we cannot determine who is winning - we can however see that the security force have undertaken significant casualties.

Although we hope for the security team to succeed - we do fear that should they come out victorious, we cannot see how they would manage against the hordes of terrorists that are situated around the rest of the station.

At this stage, we feel we can only wait for word from external forces to get involved in the crisis.

More as the situation develops.


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