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Blog_036: Message from captors

First footage from the aggressors emerges!

We have received our first message from the terrorist organisation that attacked the Starview Terminal Saturday the 2nd of April.

Where the video was sent from; Starview Vertical Farm Control Center.

However, due to the language not being recognised - no one has been able to decipher their demands. Possible origins of the language have not been identified either, so where the terrorists stem from is also currently unknown.

Hopefully someone figures something out soon though! We don’t want anymore innocent casualties due to no one speaking barbarian!

In other news, the war for the SuperSeeder entrance is still ongoing.

There seems to only be one surviving guard however, so surely the battle must soon be coming to an end.

At this moment all we can do is wait for the Interplanetary Justice Department to make their response to the terrorists, and quickly put an end to this affair!

New updates coming as soon as we get them!


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