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Blog_038: Barbaric response!

Terrorists reply lack of communication with gruesome video!

We cannot confirm if it's because the terrorists' demands have not been met, or because their video has not received an official response - but a new video has been sent from the Starview Terminal's Control Room.

The Starview Terminal's Control Room situated at the top of the Vertical Farm.


If there was ever any doubt, it must be plain for all now to see that these maniacs have no decency or sense of respect for life!

All these hostages are guilty of is working towards the restoration of a dying planet!

Where is the justice?!

Where is the Interplanetary Justice Department?!

Otherwise, the only news from Soteria is that a group of terrorists are now working towards opening the entrance of the SuperSeeder :

Although what they would want with a life-giving machine, seems out of character at this point.

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