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Blog_040: Starview Terminal Overview

As we wait for the Interplanetary Justice Dpt. to intervene.

Having access to cameras placed around Starview Terminal, SpaceCare Biotechnology's cybersecurity department have been able to piece together an overview of the terrorists' main positions around the station.


At the current time of this posting, the main terrorist positions are;

  • the Premium Investor's resort,

  • the Starview Laboratories,

  • and a small team working on breaking into the SuperSeeder.


Terrorist team working the SuperSeeder entrance.

Premium Investor's Resort:

Although the resort has suffered heavy casualties, there are still survivors who are currently being held hostage inside the hotel.

Footage also shows the outside of the resort as being heavily guarded.

Starview Laboratories:

The Starview Laboratories are generally heavily manned throughout the entire area.

However, we find that three locations are being used as the main hostage areas;

  • the botanical gardens,

  • the Livingstone Laboratories

  • and the Control Center at the top of the Starview Vertical Farm.

Botanical gardens.

Livingstone Laboratory halls.

Livingstone Laboratory hostage area.

Starview Vertical Farm.

Starview Control Center.

Everything seems calm at the moment, and hopefully it will remain this way until the Interplanetary Justice Department arrives on planet Soteria.

However, from what we've seen from these maniacs so far, we can only expect the worse.

Let us pray for a swift resolution!

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