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Blog_050: Righteous path

So far, so good!

From what we've been able to gather since our last post, the agent has successfully cleared the Premium Investor's Resort of terrorists, and proceeded to make his way to the Starview Laboratory Area.

Once arriving at the laboratory area, cameras reveal that the agent entered the Livingstone Laboratory, proceeded through the Botanical Gardens, before finally arriving at the entrance of the Starview Vertical Farm.

Livingstone Laboratory halls.

Starview Botanical Gardens.

Starview Vertical Farm Entrance.

This is where our latest update from Starview Security ends.

We presume the agent is making his way to the Starview Control Center located at the top of the vertical farm building.

Although we have confidence in the abilities of the Interplanetary Justice Department, we have seen how heavily manned all floors leading up the Control Center are.

We can only hope that the agent is safe in whatever endeavour is currently being undergone, and eagerly await the next update from Starview's security intel!

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