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Blog_054: Communications restored!

Explosive revelations as second half of events come in!

You're not going to believe this!

Starview Vertical Farm.

As a quick recap, the last events we saw at the Starview Vertical Farm Control Center, was the Interplanetary Justice agent being used by the terrorists to open the SuperSeeder doors.

However, shortly after this, a communications error occurred cutting us from the following events at the station.

We have now regained access to the security cameras, uncovering what did happen next - and frankly, it is unbelievable!

Here are the videos we obtained:

Apparently the agent used the Control Center Main Computer to activate a Minatron located within the SuperSeeder area.

This Minatron was then not only used to incinerate the terrorists entering the SuperSeeder, but also to fire a missile at the Control Center?!


We have no idea of what is currently going on at the Starview Terminal, as all communications are down again!

We do however have a team currently attempting to gain access to the cameras outside the Starview Terminal. Hopefully this will provide some answers that we can share with you in the next post - ASAP!

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