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Blog_057: Fantastic revelation!

SpaceCare Research department make amazing discovery!

Tasked with finding machinery gone missing due to the recent events at Starview Terminal - a SpaceCare explosives research team stumbled upon quite the finding:

Through the use of state-of-the art video speed manipulation technology, the team have been able to uncover that both Anoint and the agent did manage to escape the explosions!

Since this finding, the blog has attempted to get in contact with the Interplanetary Justice Department, but have not been able to get a response.

The Halcion Rescue Team report that they have not come into contact with the agent nor Anoint - but have now deployed a search party to venture further into the surrounding Starview Terminal areas, deep into planet Soteria's Ochii region.

Experts do warn though, that the survivors will be in critical condition if they have not had access to food or water since their escape.

We will return as soon as we receive any updates from the Halcion Rescue Team or the Interplanetary Justice Department!

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