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Blog_027: Lab visit #2

Meet the vertical farm!

Today, the tourists had their second tour of the SpaceCare laboratories - this time being introduced to the Starview Vertical Farm.

Once again, the investors started the trip at the botanical gardens, where the main terminal leads straight to the vertical farm entrance.

Vertical farming is an agricultural process where the crops are grown on top of each other, rather than in rows like traditional farms. This cutting-edge technology allows the conservation of space, soilless farming, and higher crop yields for Soterian residents. It is the culmination of a decade's worth of scientific research and development conducted at the Livingstone laboratories. This technology is key to our strategy to cultivate planet Soteria's relentless terrain!

At each level of the building, the guests could get up-close with our scientists, who presented them with in-depth insights into SpaceCare Biotechnology's latest developments!

As the guests eventually reached the top of the building, they were also granted access to the Starview Terminal Control Center.

The Starview Terminal Control Center is where all Starview Terminal operations are managed and supervised, including Starview Terminal’s infamous SuperSeeder! The investors are especially excited to see this ground-breaking technology in an upcoming lab tour.

The guests expressed an admiration for the Starview Terminal Control Center, but there is a strong possibility that running into Anoint may have stolen the show!

Join us for the next thrilling STARVIEWTOUR054 update!

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