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Blog_041: Scientists rise up!

Shocking turn-of-events at the Livingstone Laboratory!

And who else could it have been, other than universally-renowned adventurer Doctor Hunter Daniels to take up the fight ?!

After more than three weeks of being held hostage with the Livingstone Scientists, Hunter finally found the right opportunity to flip the script on the STARVIEWTOUR054 terrorists!

All it took was a second's distractions, before Hunter's trusted knife was flying across the lab towards freeing... Mr. Clairemont?! Who has apparently grown considerably larger since we last saw him shut down the SpaceCare Soteria Safari Tour!

Whether it was Doctor Hunter Daniels' close connection to wildlife or luck - either way! - Mr. Clairemont played his part beautifully and managed to turn off the electricity, giving the scientists a chance to rebel against their oppressors!

( Photo sent from Doctor Kayal's telephone )

The scientists prevail!

( Photo sent from Doctor Kayal's telephone )

It's really unbelievable!

From what intel have been able to piece together, it seems the scientists are now making their way out of the main laboratory towards the halls of the Livingstone Laboratory, which lead towards the botanical gardens.

Although the scientists are armed, and Hunter seems to have control over Mr. Clairemont, the entirety of the laboratory area is heavily guarded. This is no small feat ahead of our heroes, and we must prepare ourselves, that realistically the odds are against them.

Livingstone Laboratory Halls.

Livingstone Laboratory Halls.

But with Doctor Hunter Daniels at the helm, and if they can get to the botanical gardens where one of the larger hostage groupings is situated... Oh who knows!

It's just nice with some hope!

Botanical Gardens.

Stay tuned, as we bring the latest developments as soon as we get them!

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