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Blog_042: Hunter's revolution

The rebels push forward against incredible odds!

It's just nothing short of amazing following what Doctor Hunter Daniels and the Livingstone Laboratory scientists have accomplished since breaking free from their captors Friday.

It seems things have not slowed down since!

From what is probably an intelligence advantage - stemming from their years of studies and research - these doctors and scientists have been outsmarting and overpowering the heavily guarded terrorists ever since they left the Livingstone Laboratory!

These scientists are on a killing spree!

It does not end there though!

The last photos we have received show that they have not only been able to enter the Botanical Gardens, but that they have also been able to inspire the hostages there to join the rebellion and rise against their captors!

( Photo of Botanical Gardens uprising sent from Doctor Kayal's telephone )

From the information we've been able to gather, this has so far been a very long and savage battle between the two parties. The dome becoming more and more deadly, as reports of fires have been coming through.

We have no updates yet of the riot's final outcome - but from what we have been able to gather, the battle seems to be in our favour!

Security footage of Doctor Hunter Daniels overseeing a moment of hope!

If Hunter and his crew can push into the Vertical Farm and overtake the Starview Control Center - it would be a major turning point on who has the advantage in controlling the Starview Terminal!

All we can do is hold onto the belief that good always prevails, and that Hunter has the cunning to defeat these terrorist thugs!

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