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Blog_055: New findings!

Images from Starview's exterior cameras arrive!

We have uncovered the recordings from cameras placed outside Starview Terminal, and must say that the missile fired had a much greater impact than we had anticipated!

Although horrifying - on further inspection - one of our cameras caught an incredible surprise hidden in the main Starview Control Center missile explosion!

The Interplanetary Justice Department's cunning just never ceases to amaze! Escaping the impossible while simultaneously saving techno trio Anoint!

We must however advise caution towards any premature celebrating, as there are currently no reports of any survivors having been found as of yet.

Realistically, chances of anyone surviving such an enormous explosion is very unlikely.

Good news we can however confirm, is that all terrorists in the area have been exterminated!

We have also been notified that a recon team has been dispatched from neighbouring station Halcion. The team will be conducting a damage assessment and commence reconstruction of the Starview Terminal.

Halcion Base responding to the call !

We will keep you updated of any significant updates as this ordeal is hopefully finally drawing to a close!


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