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Blog_056: Cleaning crew arrives

Halcion Rescue Team meet disastrous Starview Terminal!

Updates from Starview Terminal have started coming in as the Halcion team arrive on the scene. Reports stating that Hell may have been found, and is located on planet Soteria.

We haven't received any news surrounding the Interplanetary Justice Department agent or Anoint, since the last video we received of their missile escape.

The rescue team have however stated that it would actually be impossible for anyone to survive:

  • a fall from the top floor of the Starview Vertical Farm,

  • landing in the wildfire pit at the bottom of the Starview Vertical Farm,

  • the succession of explosions, covering the entire station, that followed the missile hit.

How impactful the devastation of this terrorist attack can be hard to comprehend. The significance of losing artists such as Anoint - just before they could peak and share their full potential - is nothing less than a blow to human culture.

We must salute the Halcion team on their valiant effort in undertaking the enormous task of cleaning up after the horrendous events that started the 2nd of April.

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