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Blog_033: Crisis report

First updates from STARVIEWTOUR054 attack.

Thanks to security cameras placed around the facility, for the first time since Friday night's mysterious attack on the Starview Terminal, we now have images showing events of what is going on and what the invaders look like.

We must however report that the attack is still ongoing.

The main areas of attack so far seem to be; outside the resort, at the entrance of the laboratory area and outside the SuperSeeder.

Images from the laboratory areas reveal that the terrorists are attempting to overtake the area, but are struggling to fight SpaceCare Biotechnology's security.

The terrorists have secured control of the botanical gardens, but are in combat at the entrances that lead to the Starview Vertical Farm and the Livingstone Laboratories.

Hostage situation at the botanical gardens.

Starview Vertical Farm entrance.

Halls leading to the Livingstone Laboratories.

Outside the SuperSeeder we can see that there is also an ongoing battle between the attackers and SpaceCare Biotechnology security:

The resort area, although largely unmanned, seems to have turned much more violent. The assailants currently working their way through the outside areas, seemingly towards entry of the hotel.

Other than the attackers all bear similar masks and cloaks- we do not have any information on who they are, or what their motivations may be.

At this moment, all we can do is wait for SpaceCare Biotechnology's security to regain control of the facility, and pray for the hostages’ safety in the meantime.

Until then, you can count on the blog to report on any updates coming from the crisis at Starview Terminal research center!

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